4 Easy Steps to Get A Monetized List of Leads

If you are thinking about becoming a internet marketer, you may be wondering how the money is made online? You may probably know that getting traffic is an important step, but before you even think about getting traffic you got to have something to promote.Once you know what you would like to promote and know how to get traffic, the next big thing is how to get leads from this traffic. Some would say that leads is the lifeblood of any online business and somehow that’s true? However, converting a lead into a paying customer is finally your goal because … Click to Read More

Why I’m Successful Selling on eBay With DS Domination?

ds domination bannerAt writing this post on May 27th 2014 I’m having my best month since starting selling on eBay in September 2013. At this moment I have a total of 211 sales for the month of May, just by doing what I have been taught on DS Domination.

How Did It All Started? If someone would have told me a year ago that I will be making consistent sales on eBay in 2014, I would have gone like,“What are you talking about”? Why ? Because I have tried selling on eBay  years ago and failed miserably and quit.

Daniel Gregory, My Personal Experience Doing Internet Marketing

DanielFirst of all I would like to say a big thank you to Wendell for allowing me to add my first guest post here on wendellbulbaai.com. Wendell’s site, I find is honestly one of the most informative blogs I have ever come across.

 My name is Daniel Gregory. I would like to talk about my personal experience within the network/internet/affiliate marketing industries which so far has been a really good experience. I understand that it might not be for everyone but neither is learning how to be an engineer or a lawyer or a doctor. The fact of the Click to Read More

An Effective Call To Action Tool Will Move Your Visitors To Do What You Want Them To

Call-to-action-300x225As a blogger , your writing is in the first place to provide valuable information to your readership. But at the end, you write also to see your blog visitors act on what you have written. If you can grab your visitors attention while they are on your page, you will  increase your chances of getting them to do what you are expecting them to.

Whether it is to opt-in on your list, purchase your latest product, buying some special offer,clicking your affiliate link, liking your Facebook page and so on. How do you accomplish this?

This is done by … Click to Read More

How To Build Your List Like A Pro By Helping Others With List Building

communitybuildingHow Do Pro’s Do Their List Building?  Here is how they do it: They create a new product or service, and then they promote it to other marketers email list, to Facebook friends, Twitter followers and on all the many other social networking communities.

They repeat this cycle over and over again by creating new products and promoting these products to other big list owners list. They use the power of leverage. Actually, this is the same concept  used by big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Just remember for example that Facebook started with 3 college students and … Click to Read More

How 22Social Helps You Get More Leads on Facebook Fan Pages

22socialWhen A friend of mine recommended me to try this Facebook Fan Page tool called 22Social, I decided to take a look and I was impressed right away. I’m always looking to find the best tools for list building on the internet, so I can help others in their effort to build their own list.

In my last post, Practical Suggestions To Follow To Get More Facebook Page Likes, I already touched briefly on this product at the end of my post. Some of you already noticed it and already took action getting you 22social app for FREE.  I’m … Click to Read More

Practical Suggestions To Follow To Get More Facebook Page Likes

The thing that we are trying to do at facebook, is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently. ~Mark Zuckerberg~

Facebook-Suggestions-Page-LikesIt has been a while since I last posted something about how to successfully engage on Facebook. You can always check and learn from these old posts. Below are the links.

Steps To Benefit From Facebook As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source and How To Market On Facebook Finding Targeted People To Connect With

Facebook is now a billion user Social platform. That’s more users than what different countries together have as inhabitants. It’s just HUGE… So, are … Click to Read More

Is Low Customer Retention Putting You Out Of Business? Here Is Your Solution!

Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you. ~ Heather Williams~


There is an old saying that says: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. This is certainly true for every small business including the internet marketer. What do you think is one of the biggest challenges any small business has to deal with when it comes to keep selling their products?

You might think about things like product quality, dealing with the competition, cash flow management, handling legal issues and many many others.

The fact is that none of these weigh more at being … Click to Read More

How Mobile Apps Marketing is Changing The Way To Communicate With Customers

Quote:"The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change"-Bill Clinton.

The internet is constantly changing, and so is marketing strategies. The successful marketer or business owner knows that in order to stay in business he needs to adapt to these changes. If there is something new on the market that is working better, and this makes his old strategy obsolete, he will without delay make the necessary changes. He is always aware that the number one priority is to stay in constant touch with customers. Why is this very valuable?

The Click to Read More

Amazing Plug-in Let You Make Stunning Squeeze Pages For List Building

Just when you thought Squeeze Pages couldn’t get any better, the following will proof you wrong.You may have seen those Squeeze Pages with giant image backgrounds,they are for sure quite impressive and marketers love them. They make you go like “WOW,” while it becomes almost irresistible not to go ahead and fill out the form.

But now there is a new plug-in just released that does something even more impressive. Have you ever thought about adding a YouTube video as a background for your squeeze page? Well, this new wordpress plug-in allow you to do just that. It could be … Click to Read More